What’s With the Name?


big-four-rrTeunis Amack and his wife, Nancy Rader Amack, are considered to be two of the first settlers in Batesville. In 1832 they received a 120 acre land grant to start their family farm. They built their home and dug a well near today’s Depot Street, just a few blocks from Amack’s Well Coffee House’s present location.

The well dug by Teunis Amack served the early settlers for some time, and it also provided water to the railroad when the line came through town. This put the community on the map.

Later Amack sold his land to a surveyor named Joshua Bates. When the town incorporated in 1852, they chose the name Batesville. Teunis Amack, however, is still considered the founder of the community.

We like to think that Teunis Amack’s well was a place where friends and neighbors gathered to share a cup of water, while discussing current events, family news, farming, and much more. Today our hope is that Amack’s Well Coffee House serves the community of Batesville much like Teunis Amack did so long ago. Now there are many drink choices, but the water is still free.

Please join us in creating a gathering place where strangers become friends, and friends become closer.

See you at the well.